19TH JULY, 2006

This morning during prayers I recited the Creed, then our Eternal Father appeared to me.

He said, “’My daughter, I come to tell you that I am very sad to see that now there is war between Lebanon and Israel. There is so much hate between them. This war was planned to happen for a long time. It was built on evil and hate.”

I was shown a vision of darkness, of black bat-like creatures hovering and quivering above the war zone.

Our Eternal Father then said, “’I show you this vision, My daughter. When such things come about and happen, people stop praying because they are angry with everything, even towards Me. Why it happened? There is a reason for everything, My children. Even to bring people to their knees for their repentance and to humble themselves.”

“I tell you, it needs a lot of prayers to stop this war and to come to terms for peace. Many people are running low on food, some have just for one more meal. I am very concerned for these poor children.”

“’Pray very much, so we together can beat this evil away so peace can come soon.”

Thankyou, Heavenly Father and our Creator.