15th JULY, 2006

This message was given to me for my very dear friend, from God the Father.

“(J…), My child, you have been given a very great privilege to visit

many spiritual places in Lebanon. This was a very good experience for your soul.”

“Many beautiful things you have experienced and many are still hidden from you. You accomplish a wonderful mission, touch many hearts by telling them My word and prayer.”

“People will remember you, especially now that there is a terrible war there. You must be aware that I got you and your family out before the conflict started.”

“Be grateful to Me, My children, Your Eternal Father. It was all part of My plan to bring you out to a safe place because I love you so much and bless You.”

“Pray, My children, for peace in your native land that you all love and for the people left in a terrible war.”

This is a confirmation when you are right with God, and you live in His Will, surely the Holy Spirit will guide you on the straight path of your life.