16 May 2021

Family Prayer Gathering in Merrylands

I was invited to the home of a beautiful family, along with my friends, for prayer, the Holy Rosary, and to share the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus, and His Holy Mother Mary. There were many young people present.

After I came home that evening, I thanked the Lord for His Blessings and Graces that He gave to the family and to all the other people present in the group.

Almost instantly, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was very joyful and said, “Valentina, I come to reveal and show you how this family welcomed you. When you talked and shared our Holy Word and our teachings, they absorbed so beautifully every word that you told them. They wanted more. They were hungry for it. Let Me show you something beautiful that happened in this house.”

Suddenly, in a vision, our Lord Jesus showed me the living room where we prayed. In the centre of the room was a large brown-coloured, square table. Our Lord pointed towards it with His Holy Hand and said, “This is My table, and you were all seated around it when you shared My Holy Word. I was present and My Beloved Mother.”

“All of these people went to sit with you, with My Valentina at the table, and listen to you.”

From a distance, I saw Bridget coming. At that moment, she was not sitting at the table. I heard her say, “No, no, don’t leave me out! I want to sit at the Lord’s table and listen to Valentina. She was very welcome because we all called out to her, “Come, come,” and made room for her at the table.

When I looked around the room, all the chairs and lounges we were sitting on disappeared. What was most important was that we were very privileged to sit at the table of our Lord Jesus, to share His teachings and His knowledge and to know Him better and to thank Him and to love Him. Our Lord prepared the table.

Our Lord poured many graces and blessings on everyone present.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your special graces.