16 May 2021

The Power of the Holy Spirit

This morning, I was with the angel standing amongst many people, and I was wearing a beautiful white blazer. It must have been somewhere in Purgatory.

Suddenly, the people came up close to me and wiped their mouths on my jacket, leaving their marks and stains all over it. I then removed the jacket and noticed that there were stains from the people wiping themselves even on my collar.

Looking at the stains on the jacket, I said to one of the ladies from the group, “I’m not going to wear this. Can you wash it and clean it for me?”

She took it from me and never brought it back. Then I noticed that all the people around me began to follow me. They must have been souls in Purgatory. I then saw a little pillowcase without a pillow insert. I picked it up. It was full of marks and stains.

Nearby was a little water fountain. I took the pillowcase and put it under the little fountain to wash off the marks. As I put it under the running water, I suddenly heard such a mighty sound of blowing wind coming, and I could see a fire that kept coming from underneath the crystal clear water. I could see a large flame that kept coming up. It was amazing to watch. It was fire and water. It was the Holy Spirit.

It was a real flame. I was wondering, ‘How can the water burn out?

The water was crystal clear, and the fire kept coming from underneath the water and from around the sides. I continued washing away the stains under the running water. There seemed to be more and more stains.

I started to worry. I thought, ‘When am I going to dry them?’

There were people everywhere. I said to the angel, “That’s good enough. Some of the stains have come off, and some didn’t want to go away.” Some of the stains were so stubborn that I couldn’t wash them off.

The angel said, “You shouldn’t worry.”

Then the Holy Spirit came. The Holy Spirit was so powerfully present that He purified all the marks and stains on the pillowcase that I couldn’t wash off. 

I was shown the power of the Holy Spirit. The stains on the pillowcase that would not come off are put through the fire of the Holy Spirit and are completely consumed in the fire and purified. 

The water purifies, and the Holy Spirit with the Flame of Love consumes all the bad things. The Holy Spirit manifests so powerfully. What I couldn’t make better, He can do. He removed all the stubborn marks. He makes all things beautiful and right again.

Our Lord revealed to me, He said, “You see I was present with you. That is the power of the Holy Spirit.”