16th July, 1997

The Lord Jesus came and lamented himself to me saying, “why do people always test me, and they do not believe in Me. Everyday throughout the world I give graces to people and perform many miracles of healing people, and yet these are not recognised by the medical doctors or Priests. Let the humble people recognise my work and miracles. But some still doubt Me and test Me, never recognising My work, graces and miracles and the love I give. I am so sad. They are afraid to come near Me as if I have leprosy. If only they would know how much I can do for everyone, but yet they do not want to make ant effort to come to me and love Me.

You see my child how happy we are together, we laugh and we joke, we are so united. I give you so much peace and joy.” At that time our Lord had a dish of water in front of him and he kept reaching the water with his Holy Hands and sprinkled and splashed it on me and we were both laughing, then my Lord said, “See My child we now play like children, you laugh and I laugh because we love to be together.” Lord Jesus I love you so much and I can never begin to explain how united I feel with you, it is beyond my understanding. You are so Holy my God and I am nothing and yet you come and lower yourself to me in such a humble way and you are so gentle. Our lord added, ” My child it is beyond your understanding because My way is not your way, just love Me and console Me my child for so many offences I receive from the world and people”.

I thank you My Lord for being so patient. Lord who can be above you – no one!

Jesus did all this to show me that we should not be afraid to come to Him and share His love, He has so much to offer us.