28th July, 1997

A message received today from Our Lord Jesus, He said, “Valentina, My child, why don’t you introduce Me to people in the church and speak of Me? I beg you, don’t be afraid of people.”

I was surprised when the Lord asked me this, and I said, “There are priests here (in the church) to speak of Your true and Holy Word.”

Lord Jesus answered, “So little people know of Me and My life. Many come to church as a habit. They hardly listen to the Gospel and live My word that the priests read to them.”

I replied, “But they also pray.”

He answered, “Valentina, empty words! When you say the Holy Rosary teach them and explain to them to meditate on My mystery and to follow My footsteps. Those who refuse to walk on the road of My life, they cannot come to Me. Again, I beg you to introduce Me to people and speak of Me. Don’t be afraid when they condemn you but continue to proclaim My word.”

“Fear not, no one can harm you. I am always with you and we are one.”

I was shocked and very sad when Our Lord Jesus told me all this. I couldn’t understand why people come to church if they don’t accept God’s Holy word in their hearts.

I concluded, “Glory and Praise to You, Lord Jesus, now and forever. Amen”.