7th September

My friend Sofie asked me to accompany her for two hours from 11pm to 1am in the morning to do the vigil. I was very happy to go to St. Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands. My friend and I were alone in the Church in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It was so peaceful and quiet, but once in a while we could hear a crack and a noise, even the sound of footsteps in the Church. We both looked at each other and we had a strong feeling of souls being present around us, but we continued to pray.

When I came home I went straight to bed and fell asleep right away. But in the early hours of the morning, I started to feel very sick. I had severe pain all over my body, I couldn’t breathe or move and then I started to perspire and shiver. I couldn’t understand what was happening and why I was feeling so sick. I struggled to turn on my bedside light. I wanted to get up but I was in too much pain. I thought I was going to die.

I looked at the pictures of The Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother and asked Them to please help me. For a short time everything was silent and I was still in terrible pain. But then after a while Our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared at my bedside smiling and said, “My child you will not die. I am sorry that you are so sick, it is I your Lord who has given you this strong pain. Fear not my child, I am with you, it is for the Holy souls that you are suffering, to help them and to release them from suffering in prison.” Our Lord always referred to Purgatory as prison.

He continued, “Valentina my child, while you and Sofie were praying in the Church, many Holy Souls came to seek your help. They were begging you to help them, that is why I gave you the pain. It was for them.” Our Lord Jesus smiled and said, “Look my child” and then He showed me how many souls there were in the Church. In the vision I saw myself and Sofie praying and I also saw many Holy Souls in the Church with us. Some were standing, some were sitting, but they all looked very sad, touching us, some were leaning on Sofie’s shoulder, some were pulling at my cardigan. When Our Lord Jesus showed me all this I felt very sorry for those poor souls. Lord Jesus smiled and said, “All the little noises you and Sofie heard were the Holy Souls, but it was not meant for you to see them But you both made me laugh, because you were scared and panicking, and both of you kept calling Me. I was present and I was watching you. You should not be afraid.” Then He went on to explain, “While I am in the Blessed Sacrament, it is My very strong Presence, and not only I, but also my Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angels are present. I tell you my child, while I am in the Blessed Sacrament you need not fear but be at peace because I am strongly present. But if I am removed away from the Church then I no longer exist there. If I am not wanted, then my children, you have something to fear.”

“Valentina be happy, I love you, the prayer and sacrifice that you and Sofie gave Me by doing the vigil, plus the pain I gave you, saved all those Souls today. They all went to Heaven. Yes,” He said, “But there are others who need prayers and sacrifice. Please pray and offer all your suffering to Me. I love you my children when you do this. It pleases me very much, you also console Me.”

He smiled again and said, “the little bird you hear is sent to you from Heaven, to keep you awake and to keep you company.” He was talking about the little bird that whistles so beautifully every night in the tree near the side of the Church.

I said, “My Lord Jesus, I am so happy for the Holy Souls. Please forgive me when I am sick and I complain, because I don’t understand and I don’t know if it is from You or from human causes. But I love it when You tell me that my suffering is for the Holy Souls. It makes me so happy that I can help.”