30th September

The Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary came to me when I was reciting the Holy rosary and gave me this message, “Never before as now are you so close to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is coming to purify the earth. The world I contaminated with poison, the stench of which is like petrol that is spiled and chokes you so you cannot breath I use this example to show you how the sin of people smells. The smell reaches right up to Heaven. God the Father Almighty cannot tolerate this any more. He can no longer watch this sinful humanity. This poor humanity that allows itself to be possessed by the Spirit of saten. It has gone into terrible sin of which there is no way out. The only solution for this sinful humanity is for My Son Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to purify with fire the souls of the whole world.

Petrol smells, it pollutes and is dirty, but the Holy Spirit it with he flame of His Divine Mercy.” The Blessed Mother showed me how darkness is all over the world and in our souls. But then she showed me that when the Holy Spirit comes He will cleanse the darkness and it will be transformed into the most beautiful brightness. She explained that what is dirty will be made clean and white again through the fire of Divine Love.

She continued, “My child, talk to people, tell them to prepare. Tell them not to wait until the last minute, but to confess their sins and to reconcile with God and to clean their souls so that when the Holy Spirit comes they will clean and beautiful ready to meet their Spouse, all pure, Holy and joyous.

Tell people that God wishes them to confess their sins every three weeks.” Our Blessed Mother explained, “Let three weeks pass, but on the forth week of the month everyone must confess, men, women, and children, so as to live in sanctity with God.”

The Blessed Mother was crying when she was telling me, “My So Jesus is very much offended. Every day people receive Him unworthily and full of sin. Especially on Sunday when the Churches are full of people. A great number of then come to receive Him without first confessing their sins. This offends Him very much that He cries in Heaven for the many blasphemies and offences.

Tell them not to wait to confess their sins, but to act now because the Holy Spirit is close at hand. Tell them not to wait for when it is too late, but to act now while there is still a little time left.”

When the Blessed Mother was telling me this message, and for days afterwards I felt a great sadness and a deep sense of shame for all of us here on earth. What must God think of us? Let us pray and beg Him for mercy and not offend Him any more, for He is full of goodness and love.