16th October

Our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision while I was reciting the Holy Rosary and said, “Valentina my child, today you are being honoured and I raise you up on the most high. Come I will show you and explain things which you are not familiar with and do not yet understand.” Our Lord Jesus and I went all around the world. We were high up above the ground. Our Lord Jesus showed me all the Churches. I asked Our Lord Jesus, “How do you know about all these churches. They are hardly visible in some areas and are in very remote places in the world”. Our Lord Jesus smiled at me and said, “I know about all things and everything. It is visible for Me but hard for a human being to understand, but for God it is all possible.” Again I asked Lord Jesus, “Do you mean if I go into that strange place right now and I step into the Church, would I find you there?” He replied, “Yes my child, there you would find Me, no matter how remote the place or how small the Church, there I Am.”

I cannot describe the joy of being in Our Lord’s presence. I then told Him, “Lord how happy and joyful I am, my heart is rejoicing in Your presence” Lord Jesus was smiling and He said, “I too am joyful.” When Our Lord was guiding me high up I noticed beautiful green nature with trees and a castle next to every Church. I asked Lord Jesus why is there a castle next to the Churches, was there a king living there and did he build the Church and what does it all mean?” Our Lord replied, “I was waiting for you to ask Me all this. The Castle represents the Church, the Church is not an ordinary house, the Holy Church is my kingdom and inside lives your King. I am your living God in the Most Blessed Sacrament. There I am night and day. There is the Most Holy Trinity. There is also my beloved Mother Mary Most Holy and there are Angels who praise Me constantly. But you my children take all this for granted. How many times I am so sad and offended. But how I love you all and I never stop loving you. So little I receive in return. No gratitude.” Our Lord was so sad and I felt so sorry for Him that I cried.

I continued with questions, “Lord Jesus over there I can see, a cemetery not far from the Church. Do you know about all those people who are dead?” Our Lord Jesus smiled and He replied, “Valentina they are not dead, they are sleeping and resting. One day I will awake them and they will live. This will not be now but at the end of time when I will judge the living and the dead and when the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven.” Now Our Lord Jesus was looking at me and He said, “Valentina, how I love you. Would you do something for me today? I wish and desire that you receive me without eating or drinking anything. Will you do this for Me.”

I replied, “Yes My Lord Jesus I will obey whatever you ask of me. Our Lord said, “This is what I wish.” He then brought me back just in time for Sunday Mass. This was for me a very special Sunday I understood that Our Lord Jesus wishes us to receive Him in Holy Communion without eating or drinking beforehand. I concluded, “Thank you my Lord and my God for all the graces and blessings that you give us. I love you, how I love you.”