During 11 am Mass for Catechists. I thanked the Lord for the Holy sacrifice of the Mass and lamented to Him for not being so peaceful, being distracted by the many faces opposite.

He replied, “Without Me, you are nothing. Say to yourself, ‘but Jesus was there to give me graces’, be always grateful, My children and peaceful knowing that 1 am there.”

Then He said, “Lead others to come to My Holy Cross. Without the Cross there is no life. The Cross that I carry and I on it was for all of you to be saved. The world must look at My Cross. It is the sign that 1 am there. Wherever is My Cross, in this country or in that place, 1 bless, but this world of yours tried to remove Me and deny Me. The more they deny Me, the more trouble will be in the places and the world.”

“My Cross is a visible sign for you to repent. It is a sign of My love and what I have done to save you.”

“Since people don’t love Me, they reject My Holy Cross instead of embracing Me.” His manner became more serious. He said, “I tell you, I will make My Cross appear in the sky for you all to see and realise that I exist. ”

“Let them know that I, the Holy Lord, have spoken My true, Holy word.”

We bless You and praise You, Holy Lord and revere your Holy Cross.