17 April 2021

Funeral of Prince Philip

During the televised funeral service, I was praying for the soul of Prince Philip. After a while, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was happy and smiling.

He said, “Valentina, I blessed Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth with a long life because their marriage was solid as a rock. They give an example to many people, unlike today with couples, for any little thing that goes wrong, they part from each other straight away.”

Our Lord was very pleased with Prince Philip. I said, “Lord, may you bless him and may he rest in peace.”

As I was watching the funeral, while they were carrying the casket into the church, suddenly, for a split moment, I saw our Lord present. He was dressed all in white, with a beautiful yellow stole around His Neck. Our Lord was happy to accept his soul. I looked again, and our Lord was gone.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.