10 April 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday

At home, when I was praying, I was given a vision of an enormous body of water, as by the ocean, as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly an angel came and took me with him. He said, “Our Lord wants you to experience the Mercy of His Love.”

I asked the angel, “What does this ocean represent?”

The angel answered, “This is the Ocean of Divine Mercy, that washes away sins and restores life in full when a person washes in these waters.”

Suddenly, we came to the edge of this vast ocean, where I noticed a small wooden fence about half a metre high. This fence stopped the water from spilling over. On the inside, facing where I was standing, was a little wooden bench on which you could sit. All along the edge of this vast ocean, it was the same.

The angel directed me, “Sit on the very edge of this seat and dip your feet in the water and touch the water with your hands, splashing it around.”

I did as the angel asked.

I felt so good and peaceful. I saw other people who were doing the same. The angel then took me away.

We were being purified in the Ocean of Mercy of our Lord. When I finished, I was brought back home. I could not get over how happy and peaceful I was feeling.

Before I was brought back home by the angel, he told me, “Tell people that whoever comes to these waters, our Lord will give them enormous grace, and their sins will be forgiven. How good is He, Praise Him and thank Him.”

At the Divine Mercy Mass at 3 pm, our Lord spoke to me and said, “Valentina, My child, this year I give special graces on Divine Mercy Sunday. Last year you suffered due to the Coronavirus, and the churches were all closed, and you were all very upset, but this year I pour enormous Mercy on you, hoping that many people accept it and receive it. What I desire is repentance and conversion because this will not last. I give you a limited time now.”

“Thank Me for all My goodness and love that I pour on all of you.”

I could see the Light coming into the church and onto the people present. It was so special. I could not thank our Lord enough for this beautiful grace.

O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You.