17 August 2017

17 August 2017

Mudslide Disaster in Sierra Leone


I endured a lot of suffering throughout the night, so much suffering and pain in my leg and my body.


At about one thirty in the morning, I could hear a lot of talking and crying outside of my bedroom window. I knew they were Holy Souls. I could hear many voices, including the voices of children, crying and begging. I opened my window and sprinkled them with Blessed Water, to refresh them. I tried to dismiss them by sending them to the Lord. They would not leave.


Our Lord then appeared to me and said, “Do not be afraid, these souls have come to you to seek refuge, they will not harm you. They died unprepared and suffered a terrible ordeal. They were swallowed by the mud in Sierra Leone.”


He said, “I would appreciate that you offer them all up at the Holy Mass so they will benefit from the Mass. They died suddenly and unprepared. They are very confused.”


Our Lord then explained, “How many times My children, I tell you that you are very blind not to see all the natural disasters that keep coming and unfolding. It is all before you. You see people being buried by the mud, the houses falling, the roads are opening up and swallowing people and cars, but still you remain the same. You do not change.”


“People are blaming the environment and pollution for these disasters. No, My children, these are the signs given to you from Heaven, for you are living in the end times. So much sin, so much injustice, so much filth in the world, I can no longer tolerate it. The signs are given to you from Heaven, for you to convert and to change. Nature is reacting against the sins of the world.”


Many times our Lord has said to me that sin today is worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah and that we will be punished, unless people convert and change their lives.