1 June 1998 (previously unpublished)

1 June 1998 (previously unpublished)

Baby Jesus and His little socks 

Blessed Mother Mary appeared carrying the Baby Jesus in her arms. I noticed He was sleeping. The Blessed Mother looked at me, smiling, and the Holy Infant awoke.

His Mother turned Him around until He was seated on her hands, leaning against His Mother. When the Baby Jesus saw me He was so excited, He practically jumped into my arms.

The Blessed Mother said, “See, my child, when my Son sees you, He is so happy and excited to see you. I can no longer hold Him back. He loves you so much. My Son wants to be loved by people. He wants to come to everyone’s arms to be nursed and loved.” She then looked sad and said, “But people reject Him.”

I then asked the Blessed Mother, “Did you ever put little slippers and socks on the Baby Jesus while you were on earth?”

She replied, “Yes, I made them myself. We were very poor. You have no idea how poor we were. We lived very simply in a small place. The room just had a bed and a small cabinet made by St Joseph, my spouse. My Son was born for the poor. Even when I put little slippers on His Feet, He just took them off and threw them away. I dressed Him in little socks.” I noticed the socks, which had lemon and blue stripes on them, had a tiny hole in them.

The Blessed Mother said, “Not that I didn’t want to mend them, but that also represents poverty.”

While she was telling me this, she looked very sad. I felt sadness too, in my heart. I felt so sad for her and the Holy Family that I started crying. It touched my soul so deeply. I held Baby Jesus and played with Him. I looked at Blessed Mother and said, “Blessed Mother, my Mother, you were so poor and humble on earth but in Heaven you are raised high above all creatures. You are honoured by God. You deserve all honour for you are the Mother of God.”

At that moment, Blessed Mother was joyous when I consoled her. She smiled and said, “Thank you, my daughter, for your consolation and understanding. Others don’t understand.”