19 September 1998 (previously unpublished)

19 September 1998 (previously unpublished)

Elevation of the Holy Cross

At home, this morning I was praying under the Holy Cross. I then had a vision of the Living Lord Jesus on the Holy Cross, suffering, in the most beautiful glowing light.


The crucified Lord was becoming more visible and alive. All of a sudden our Lord took down His right Arm from the Holy Cross. He then outstretched His right Hand towards me and said, “Take My Hand My child.”


I took His Holy Hand and held it. His Hand was so bruised, blue and purple flesh.


He said, “Look at how I suffer because of the sin of mankind. Console Me.”


He then asked me to very gently kiss His Holy Wounds, they were so sore.


Jesus said, “Do you know My child that every day I am nailed to the Cross and the pain is unbearable. Love Me and console Me.” He begged me.


While our Lord was holding my hand and I held His, I cried, the feeling was of enormous sadness.


I said to the Lord, “You are the True and Living God, have mercy on me and on the whole human race.”


Our Lord Jesus showed me His Hands pierced with the nails. He asked me to gently kiss each wound on His Hands.


At that moment I felt so much Intimacy and Love come into my soul, something indescribable.
While I was holding His Holy Hand I felt that I was part of His Flesh. I felt how much our Lord really loves us and that we belong to His Sacred Body.


Thank you my Crucified Lord. Have mercy on the whole world.