17 July 2021

Our Souls are so Fragile and Delicate

This morning while praying, I was taken by the angel to Purgatory, where I could see many souls. I sat down when one lady approached me and sat next to me, to my right. I could see she had wet hands, and she was looking at me so sadly.

She said, “I cannot wipe my hands. I cannot do anything.”

After meeting this soul, I came to realise just how fragile and how little is our soul. After our body goes, it is just a bare, little soul left there that looks like a person, the way we were on earth, but so fragile and delicate. I had never experienced this before until I came to visit this soul this morning.

Looking at my hands, I noticed I had very unusual light-coloured gloves.

The lady’s hands were constantly wet. This was part of her suffering in Purgatory. She then touched me on my shoulder.

Encouraging her, I said, “Just you wipe them on me.”

“I’m afraid to wipe on you,” she said.

After wiping her hands against me, she was feeling relief. She said, “Just to touch you; I already feel better.”

Gee, my goodness me, I never knew, but our Lord made me understand that souls are very delicate and fragile, and they cannot help themselves, so we have to help them. We don’t realise that when we are alive, we shouldn’t do the wrong things. I felt so sad for her. I offered her up to our Lord, and I hope that she will go to Heaven soon.

Lord have mercy on the poor souls in Purgatory.