17 September 2020

The Three Archangels

This morning while I was praying, the Blessed Mother appeared, and she said, “I come to give you good news of hope.”

“My child, people all over the world are suffering because of the controls by governments and societies. There is no freedom in the world anymore. With this virus, they do not permit people to fight for justice; they cannot say anything as they are restricted. They must obey that which is evil.”

“Do not lose hope, for my Son is preparing to liberate you all very soon. His Archangels are waiting to announce His Coming. Do you know that each Archangel has his duty to perform? They are anxiously awaiting for our Lord to give them permission to perform their duty.”

She said, “The Archangel Michael, is the one who will defend the people from evil. He will battle the evil one, to put him away for good, so that he won’t harm people anymore.”

“The Archangel Raphael is the one chosen to heal the people after the battle with Satan. He will restore their health in soul and body.”

“The Second Coming of my Son will be announced to humanity by the Archangel Gabriel.”

“My Son will not be born again in Bethlehem; this time will be different. He will come to free his people from the slavery of the devil and will defeat him.”

Our Lady showed me in a vision on the horizon, our Lord standing, all in white with His Hands raised. The whole world will witness this event.

She said, “My children there will be a battle between good and evil, but be happy, for the day of our Lord’s Coming is nearer and nearer. Do not lose hope. When all things look hopeless, trust in my Son. Pray to have faith to go through all of this that is coming.