17 September 2020

Souls Need our Prayers and Offerings

During the night, I suffered a lot throughout my whole body. Suddenly, a large group of souls appeared, all of them wearing Salvation Army uniforms.

They spoke to me and said, “Valentina, please help us, we need offerings to the Lord for deliverance. We are very hungry. Do you have any bread?”

Bread represents Holy Communion and prayers. It appears that there is no-one to pray for these people.

“We would be very happy if you could help us and offer us to our Lord,” they said.

I promised them that I would do what I can for them and offer them to our Lord. I recognised quite a few of them. While they were living on earth, they were collecting money for the poor and needy.

I offered these souls at Holy Mass and continue to pray for them.

Lord have mercy on their souls and deliver them to Heaven.