17th October 2013

The angel was following me all day and he said, to pray, because it will be extreme weather with wind and fire.

The Blessed Mother Most Holy came and said, “My daughter, how sad I am as your mother to come and to tell you about the fires and all the disasters that people went through with this horrific experience that came upon you My children. You never learn to change and pray. People ignore God like He does not exist. My Son is so sad to watch all this happening in this country Australia and all over the world. I tell you My daughter. The signs in the weather tell you how these changes appear to you. One day hot, cold hot, wind cold, wild storms even snow. All happening in one season. Learn from this weather pattern and repent before it is too late.

The sin is reaching all the way to heaven and God can no longer watch. He will judge the world severely soon. Repent while you have little time left. The time is running fast and you must decide now because tomorrow it will be too late”.

The Blessed Mother left very sad because people ignore warnings from Heaven.