27th October 2013

The angel appeared to me in the morning dressed in white. In his holy hands he was holding three sealed glass containers (the size of the tumblers approximately 10cm tall).

I said to the angel “you have some Holy water”? When I was looking at the water it seemed murky discoloured. The angel said, “This is not Holy water as you think”. He said, “This is the wrath of God that needs to poured out onto certain places (cities) in Australia.” He then said “these three containers that I am holding will be poured over Perth, Adelaide Melbourne”.

He then took another three containers and said, “There will be three more. One will be poured over Sydney, one in Queensland (Brisbane) and one in Canberra”.

I asked the angel “what will this represent”? He answered “These six containers that will be poured will represent a severe punishment for sins committed and offences towards God, because people deny God and they offend Him terribly. The punishment will be in ways of severe weather changes and also eg. Fires, floods, winds, rain, hail, earth quakes, hurricanes. Tell people to pray and repent because these things will persistently come if people don’t change their sinful ways because God is really angry. He will be merciful if people repent and pray for mercy.”

The angel said to speak the truth and not be afraid.

The water is poisonous for humanity which will bring destruction.

We need to pray and to listen to the Lord’s Holy Words, otherwise the punishment will be on us.

Lately in regards to the fires our Lord said, “the fires could have been prevented and I would be merciful and prevent all these disasters that came. Nobody has mentioned me like I don’t exist, how sad that makes Me”.

Jesus we love you, please have mercy on our cities.