18 March 2022

Our Sorrowful Mother Pleads for our Prayers to Save Souls


This morning as I started to pray the Apostle’s Creed at the start of the Holy Rosary, our Blessed Mother, Mary most Holy, suddenly appeared as our Mother of Sorrows. She was so sad, wearing a dark mantilla very close to her face, her head slightly tilted towards her left shoulder. Here and there, lovely tiny pink and white flowers adorned the mantilla, with its edging made of a beautiful gold trim about a centimetre wide, framing Mary’s beautiful face.


In a vision, I could see the Sorrowful Image of our Blessed Mother going all around the world. This means that wherever she looks, it gives her sorrow because of the state of the world, which is so sinful now and has fallen away from God.


Looking very sad, she said, “My daughter, think of the Passion and Sorrow of my Son Jesus in this period of Lent, how He suffered for all of you here on earth. And He still suffers to see the world in darkness and full of sin and unrepentance; killings, wars, stubbornness and unforgiveness, the cold-heartedness of humanity. Their hearts are icy cold.”


“Look at my poor children in Ukraine, how they suffer and are being scattered around the world. My children, wake up and pray! This is your only salvation, the Holy Rosary. Humanity is sinking deeper into the abyss of sin, like a boat in a rough sea with people in it; there is no hope to save them.”


“The boat represents their salvation, and if you do not pray, my children, then the boat sinks with the people in it. But even if they are to die and are destined for perdition, they can still be saved through your prayers and through the Mercy of God.”


“Again and again, as your Mother, oh how much I love you with all your faults, and I want to guide you along the straight road that leads to holiness, beauty, eternal happiness, and to your God who loves you so much.”


“Tell all my children, now while I am dictating this message to you, how I cry!”


I could see how Blessed Mother was crying; huge tears were rolling down her cheeks, one after another. I was crying with her.


She said, “Tell my children to console me through their conversion and their prayers. I will give many graces to those who listen to the words I am giving you. They will receive graces of conversion, of healing, and for their different intentions whatever they ask for.”


“Be courageous. I know you are suffering a lot. Satan is looking at destroying everything, but he won’t succeed. My Son and I are constantly with you to protect you. Proclaim the Holy Word my Son and I give you, and trust only in us.”


“I bless you + in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”