12 March 2022

We must Labour Hard to Save Souls

After the recent heavy rainfalls, I was in my garden looking at all the overgrown weeds and then I started to pull them out. A few days later, I returned to my garden, and the weeds were all back again. There were so many of them.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, there are so many weeds in my garden after the rain. It seems the more of them I pull out, the more of them there seems to be. It’s a never-ending story.”

Our Lord Jesus appeared. He was smiling and, in a very gentle voice, said, “When you pull them all out from here, go to another garden and pull them out of there too, because they will choke all the good crop. Continue to weed them all out; the harvest is not yet complete. Now we have to work very hard.”

“I tell you, now in the world, it is full of bad weeds. They are trying to choke the good crop, which is My small remnant.”

He said, “Valentina, we have to labour non-stop to save the good crop. We will rest when all is complete because now the devil wants to choke all the good crops. He never stops. Proclaim My Holy Word to people and tell them to repent of their sins and to pray.”

The ‘small remnant’ represents the people who are faithful to God, who follow His Holy Will, and who love Him. There are other people in the world who are not necessarily bad, but they are worldly, and they like material things; they do not have a strong faith, and for them, there is too much temptation. The devil tries to choke them, so that’s why we have to labour hard to save their souls.

Lord, have mercy on us all.