10 March 2022

It is Pleasing to God that Women Wear Longer Skirts and Dresses

In the early morning, while suffering for souls, the angel appeared and asked that I come with him.

He took me to Heaven, to a heavenly garden, and in the background I could see a large building.

Many saints were present in the garden, all in beautiful white garments, and I could see God the Father standing amongst them and talking to them. Then I could see Lord Jesus as a young Lad with beautiful wavy short blonde hair. He was with God the Father, Who placed a silver object in Lord Jesus’s Holy Hand. The object was lustrous and shiny, the size of a fifty-cent coin. But it wasn’t money. I do not know what it was.

Our Lord Jesus then said to God the Father, “Thank you.”

I heard God the Father instruct our Lord Jesus to take the object to someone.

Lord Jesus turned to me and said, “Valentina! Will you walk with Me? Come, accompany Me.”

“Yes, I will come with You, Lord,” I replied.

We started to walk, and when we walked part of the way, our Lord Jesus stopped, and He said, “No! I have changed My mind. I have to go back.”

“Let’s go back. I have to return this to My Father.”

“Can you accompany Me halfway there?”

“Yes,” I replied.

We walked back and talked along the way, and suddenly, we found ourselves back at the same place from where we started.

He said, “Oh, thank you that you have come all the way with Me back to this place.”

“I’m happy to do that,” I said.

We were walking amongst saintly people, most of whom were women. Our Lord went up to God the Father and talked to Him.

While I was waiting, a large group of saintly women approached me. They all looked at me, and to my utter surprise, they said, “Oh, let us measure Valentina’s skirt!”

“She doesn’t wear long skirts all the way down to her feet.”

I noticed all the saintly women were wearing long dresses all the way to the ground.

They started measuring the length of my skirt with a measuring tape; all of them were very friendly as they fussed around me.

One of the ladies showed the others how much longer my skirt should be and how much extra material I needed. She held up the tape to show them about twenty centimetres was needed. She said, “Her skirt needs about this much material.”

Then they said, “Your skirt is too short! You should wear it longer!”

I looked at the skirt I was wearing and saw that it was the light pale-blue skirt I usually wear around the house.

They said, “It is better that you wear it longer. Our Lord prefers that all the ladies wear longer skirts to cover their legs. Not in pants but in a dress or a skirt.”

“Oh! That’s embarrassing,” I said.

“Well, it is better we tell you. You need about this much material to cover your legs. You have to buy a skirt or make it yourself.”

“You had better do it!”

Not that our Lord directly told me, but the saintly ladies told me. I was amazed, and I thought, ‘How they know everything.’ It is very important for ladies to wear longer skirts as this pleases our Lord very much.

After that, I came home, and for a long time, I was dwelling on what had just happened.

Later I understood, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, it was all God’s plan to take me back to the saintly women for them to explain to me how women should wear longer skirts and dresses, which are pleasing to God.