8 March 2022

The Deluge of Rain – My Mercy Will End Soon

While I was praying my morning prayers, during ‘The Angelus’, our Lord Jesus appeared to me.

He said, “Valentina, My child, I come to tell you what people have been saying and talking about amongst themselves. They say, ‘I wonder what the visionary Valentina said about this weather that we are all experiencing?’”

Surprised, I said to the Lord, “Lord, that is something that I’ve never heard You call me before.”

He said, “Tell people this is all My doing. They are all My signs given to the people that something is not right. I permit this deluge of rain to fall upon this nation [Australia], hoping that humanity will wake up and change.”

With a deep sigh, our Lord placed His Holy Hand on His Sacred Heart and said, “Oh, how they offend Me! Instead of getting better, they are going from worse to worse. Tell people to repent of their sins.”

If My warnings are not severe enough for you, I shall visit you again and again, not to punish you but to correct you. My ways are always right. I also want to warn you that My Mercy will end soon, and you will call Me, but I will not answer.”

“I place My workers [prophets] all over the world to warn you of what is coming to humanity if they do not listen and change. They speak My true Holy Word that I, the Master and Lord, teach them. I tell them My Holy Word of warnings to all humanity, but you ridicule them and condemn them.”

He paused for a minute and was quite serious, and then said, “How can you blame Me for all that you experience? It is because your pride will not allow you to change and to humble yourselves and to come to Your Lord.”

“Oh, how I suffer for all of you to save you, and I consume Myself so that you can have life in full, but you remain blind and deaf to My call.”

“Tell humanity to repent before it is too late.”