18 November 2018

Visit by Two Saintly Women


During my morning prayers, I had a vision of two beautiful saints, both of them women. Next to them stood another a holy person, dressed as a priest.


The women said, “Valentina, don’t be afraid, we have been sent to tell you, to prepare yourself, as priests and bishops will interview you. They will interrogate you by asking you all kinds of questions. It will be all about your experiences and the messages that you receive. You have to prepare yourself and be ready for them.”


I asked, “How can I prepare myself? I am ready.”


They answered, “You have to prepare yourself more spiritually. You have to pray more.”


I started to worry and wonder who will be this priest or priests and bishop that will interrogate me.


The priest standing next to the two women never spoke, he only listened. His demeanour was very serious.


Later that day I attended Holy Mass, and I offered up what the two saintly women told me that morning.


During Mass, our Lord appeared to me. Smiling, He said, “Don’t worry. Be peaceful and pray. When the time comes, I will empty you of yourself and fill you with the Holy Spirit, so that whatever you will say will by My Words. I will speak through you, to them, and they will know it is My Holy Word and not yours.”


I said, “Thank you, my Lord, I know I can trust You.”


A few weeks ago I was visited by these same two saintly women, and I received the same warning about being interrogated.