The Blessed Mother constantly speaks to me and shows me the Holy Rosary. On many occasions she speaks to me about how coldly She is received in peoples homes. She also speaks to me that in many houses they venerate Her very little, and in other houses with a lukewarm reception. On this occasion She appeared to me and She compared this with the example of being put in to a cold stable, where it is cold and not welcoming as compare to a warm loving home. She said, “On some occasions they do not even think about me being welcomed into their homes. They give little value to my presence. That is the way I compare people of today.” She went on to say, “You see my child even though, I still love all my children and am very concerned for them always. Every day I am begging my Beloved Son to be merciful and forgiving.”

Blessed Mary the Queen of the most Holy Rosary pleaded, “YOU must pray the Rosary every day, not only on the 13th of each month (Fatima Day) but every day.” She wishes that we pray all three mysteries of the Holy Rosary every day. She went on to say, “Satan has such power over everyone with his cunning ways he deceives people in such a way, you have no idea of how he does this, like with a snap of a finger you follow him so easily and are deceived. Me and My Son can not come to you unless you pray and think of us, that is how we break the barrier and are able to come to your aid. Again I plead with you my children to pray, pray the Holy Rosary. In this way you blind the devil, only then can we come to you. So every moment call for Our assistance so that we can protect you.”

When I was given this message By the Holy Mother, she was crying so very much, tears pouring down her face, and I too cried with her. If only you could see her, you too would feel the sorrow and pain and would wish to console her.