March 1990

Lord Jesus came to me and said, “I came to give you a message. Tell people, not to offend me anymore with their sins. Tell, people, to praise and love me. I give them enough grace but still they keep offending me.”

“Tell people, how much more grace they would receive if they asked for forgiveness with all their heart. My grace and strong love for you all it is so powerful that in an instant it is visible as I give it to you all and its spreads so quickly even when its invisible.”

“It’s like the roots of a tree, its spreads on top of the earth and deep under the earth. That’s how far my grace spreads. I give Holy grace and goodness to those who pray to me. Not only to those, but to all their families and generations. That why, tell people to pray, to love one another and to stop offending me. Tell them to love me, to pray to me and to praise me. Because I am Holy grace, goodness and love.”

Lord Jesus was standing so close to me and with his finger he drew three circles and wrote in them:

Then he explained to me how the Holy grace works. He showed me a beautiful green tree and nature surrounding it. Calmly, with patience he explained to me the secrets of how his grace works.

All three circles were connected into one, which was how the Holy grace works. When Jesus came to me I couldn’t describe how beautiful he looked. He wore a beautiful white gown. On his chest he bared a golden heart with rays of gold shining out from it. It was so beautiful and bright it almost blinded me to look at it – the Holy light. He came so close to me that I could reach out and touch him. The three circles that Jesus drew were made from grey marble.

(This vision was received during the night of 22nd of March to the 23rd of March 1990.)