21st April 1990

I woke up early in the morning, about 5.30am, and went on my knees and started praying the rosary.

Whilst I was praying I was looking at the early morning sky. Up in the sky I could see a rock. Around this rock I could see two people moving and talking to each other. One was a Roman soldier holding a spear and the other I recognised as our Lord Jesus wearing a white tunic.

All of a sudden, I could see our Lord Jesus quickly approaching me. He appeared in front of me in a most beautiful white garment. He came very close and showed me His Holy Side Wound.

He said, “See this Holy Wound that I received during My agony and suffering, the people in the world today honour it very little, they don’t even think of this Wound.”

He showed on His left side, through an opening in His tunic, there were silvery golden pigments surrounding Hs Holy Wound. The Wound was open and quite large with a jagged edge but not bleeding. “Very little do people honour and pray to this Holy Wounds.”

“These Holy Wounds I received unexpectedly, I was near death, semi conscious, but not dead when the soldier put the lance through My side.

Tell people of all My Holy Wounds that I received on the way to Calvary this Holy Side Wound was the most painful of all. Please honour My Holy Side Wound that washes away all the sins of the world. Let them venerate and pray to the Holy Side Wound for the forgiveness of their sins.”

Whilst I was kneeling down, I was so sad seeing His Holy Wound that I started to cry and stretched my hands towards the Holy Wound as if to touch it (but I didn’t), to console our Lord.

Our Lord showed me the soldier who lanced Him. Then He blessed me with the sign of the cross and He departed.

I didn’t get to ask, due to my immense sadness in seeing the Holy Wound and trying to console our Lord, whether He had forgiven the Roman centurion.