1st December 2009

Blessed Mother came to me while I was praying.

She said, “How sad I am today in the world. People talk about Me concerning My Immaculate conception. The evil people mock and tell lies to other people. They also talk about My Son’s miraculous birth, they do not believe and ridicule Us. They speak about Me as if I were just another woman.”

“My Son is so offended by these false accusations.”

“My daughter, tell My faithful children not to believe these false rumours which are circling around the world.”

“I ask all My children to defend Me and to console me. When they pray the Holy Rosary to bring intentions to console My grieving Heart concerning these blasphemies.”

I feel so sad as Holy Mary was speaking about these things I hugged Her and

said, “Holy Mother, you are so Holy, so sweet and divine.

There is no other in Heaven or earth like you are and I love you

so much. My Mother, I run out of titles to give you, but you deserve every one.”

Holy Mary became more cheerful and said, “Thankyou, My daughter, for consoling Me.”