30th November 2009

Our Lord Jesus appeared to me in the morning while I was praying. He had a very sad expression on His dear face, “Valentina, My child, I come to tell you that I feel so sad today in the world among My people. So much I am rejected and denied, but I still love you, each soul individually with My burning love, especially the ones who are very close to Me. I am so sad for the ones who are far away from Me, I wish them to come and meet me soon. I will embrace them and tell them how much I have to offer them. My eternal love and happiness which never ends.”

“You see, My child, when a new soul finds Me, I teach him, guide him and cleanse him inside out. I even dust his jacket to be totally purified and refined like gold, then I follow him everywhere he goes. I never let him go.”

“Be attached to one another as to a magnet. A newcomer has to learn faith and has to trust Me totally. For example, it is like this, when you knit a jumper you have to work out the amount of stitches you need to make the garment. Sometimes, you have to pull it undone if a mistake has been made. Then you have to pick up the loose stitches slowly and patiently one by one. You learn your faith this way, little by little and slowly you progress. The more you learn spiritually the better you know God and His true love.”

“My children, I don’t expect you to be perfect at once. Even My Saints and Apostles were learning and discovering new things daily.”

“It is My Holy Spirit who guides you and helps you when you are willing. The more you discover here on earth, the better your progress in after life.”

“Tell people I am meek and humble of heart and I wish you all to come to Me and know Me.”

“I bless you all, in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.”