2 September 2021

Luminous Cross in the Sky

While saying my morning prayers, the angel appeared and said, “I know you fear what is coming, what is happening now in the world, and you have been fretting a lot about this coronavirus and the injections. The government has put a lot of fear in the people.”

He continued, “Have faith, do not fear and continue to pray because our Lord has a plan. He made the plans all Himself. He will not allow the evil to win. Our Lord has many things in store for the world that He has prepared for the world to experience.”

“For instance, there will be signs given to the world that God does exist. One sign will be a luminous Cross that will shine high up in the sky, where everyone will be able to see it. The Cross will be of golden luminosity, and it will be so high that the evil will not be able to wipe it away. It will be so visible, all the evil will try to wipe it away, but they will not be able to. It will be there standing, shining, and the evil will fear it. The evil will shrink underneath this Cross.”

“Do not be afraid; keep trusting in our Lord. Our Lord will not abandon anybody,” he said.