8 September 2021

The Little Boy that Went Missing

A few days ago, it was reported in the news that a little three-year-old boy went missing from his home in bushland in outer Sydney. When I heard the little boy was lost, I offered my prayers for him and his family.

I asked Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, “Please Blessed Mother protect the child, and I consecrate him to your Immaculate Heart.”

Three days after he went missing, the boy was found, with only a few scratches. Many people were praying for this little boy.

This morning, after my prayers, Blessed Mother Mary came smiling and said, “The little boy is fine. My angels took good care of him and protected him. They talked to him and played with him. At night they put him in a safe place under a rock away from the cold weather, and they blessed him so he could have a peaceful sleep. The angels stayed with him and guarded him. They then lead him to a pond to have a drink of water and to a visible spot so that people could find him.”

Blessed Mother said, “Thank you to all the people who prayed for him. Now the family is more united in prayer.”

I said, “Thank you, my beautiful Mother, for the little boy you protected.”

She said, “He is a very special miracle child. If he could talk, he would tell of his beautiful experiences with the angels.”

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother and holy angels, for protecting the little boy.”