20 July 2021

All the Church Bells with Ring at the same time

When I prayed this morning and offered all the petitions to my Lord Jesus, especially for the churches because we are not able to go to the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus came almost immediately.

He said, “My Valentina, I just want to tell you, now My churches are very badly persecuted within My Mystical Body. Sadly, it will get worse before I will raise Her up. My churches are betrayed, crucified and wounded, and they need to be healed. I suffer, and My Church has to go through the suffering right now, but never defeated. Do not lose hope, for I shall raise Her to the Most High, and She will be victorious; pure, clean without any stain or wrinkle, She will be spotless.”

“The whole world will know when this will happen. All the bells will ring at the same time and give glory all the way to Heaven, to their Master and King Jesus Christ. The bells will be a sign to you all to tell you that My Church has come out of her persecution and suffering.”

Joyously, Jesus said, “Such a Joy! Such a Joy!”

“Then all the glory will come to Me. People will praise Me and thank Me, and there will be no more closed doors to My people. The Church door will be open all day and night, and I shall sweep away all the evil enemy for good. Everyone will know that My churches are Holy and that they belong only to Me, your Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Pray for this to come soon,” said our Lord as He smiled.

I said, “Lord, this is very happy news.”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and then showed me in a vision all over the world all the church bells ringing, in such a beautiful melody that they reached all the way to Heaven, and a wonderful peace and happiness descended upon the people on earth.

What a joy it will be when this comes. Our Lord Jesus tries to encourage us in these times of suffering, for us not to lose hope.

Let us pray for this to come soon.