A poor soul in Purgatory that was possessive during lifetime.
On one occasion when I was accompanied by my Angel, who was my guide, I was taken to Purgatory.
We found ourselves in an open field, and here we saw many souls that the Angel referred to me and showed me. The souls were waiting for their deliverance and for someone to pray for them and to offer up the sacrifice of holy Mass for them.
As I and the angel travelled along a road, we came across a lady sitting on the side of the road. She was totally on her own and in deep sadness.
The Angel said to me, “Maybe you should go and talk to her and console her.”
So I walked towards her and asked her, “Are you alright?”
With a very sad expression, she turned to me and said, “Not really. I have to suffer very much. When I was alive I interfered, too much, in my daughter’s life.”
She said, “After my daughter married. I continued to treat her like she was single and living with me. I should not have interfered.”
God gives all of us our individual lives. When our children come and ask for advice, we
can give them advice and guidance. However, as parents, we must leave our children to
live their own lives freely, without interference.
She said, “I didn’t know that I was ruining my daughter’s life. I loved her so much and I
was very possessive. Now I have to suffer for all the wrong that I have done.”
I feel that through her interference in her daughter’s life she may have damaged her
Daughter’s marriage.
I said that I would pray for her.