4th January 2014

The Angel said, “I have to reveal to you about the coming chastisement.”
“People think that it will never come, but it will come and it is ever so near. Only if people would repent of their sins and plead to God, it will be lessened.”
The angel proceeded to show me a day so dark, like I have never seen before. It was completely black. I made the sign of the Cross at the sight of this, because it was so frightening.
I asked the Angel, “Is there going to be a severe storm?”
“No it won’t be a storm”, he said. “Watch and you will see.”
All of a sudden this blackness came down, and like a mist, descended upon the earth. It covered the whole world. It was daytime when I saw this happen. The whole world was covered in total darkness.
The Angel said, “This is the three days of darkness. I want to refresh your memory.”
I was shown that it would come down like a mist. Total darkness! You will not be able to see anything.
He said to me, “When this comes make sure you are in the house. Light a candle and pray. Pray like you have never prayed before.”
“Tell people to ask God and plead for His mercy.” He said.
It was terrible. The darkness from the sins of man now had become the darkness in the world.

The last time I was given a vision of the darkness descending upon the world was in 1994.