21 June 2022

War in Ukraine

Early this morning, about five o’clock, while I was suffering for the Holy Souls, Lord Jesus came.

He said, “My child Valentina, today I want you to come with Me so that I can show you, and reveal to you, things about the war in Ukraine.”

Suddenly our Lord Jesus and I found ourselves on the ground in a most distressed and ruined area of Ukraine. Everywhere we looked as we walked was very depressing, with the complete destruction of buildings and landscape. Our Lord Jesus was so sad. As we were walking, He was pointing in different directions. Then as He moved His Hands, an underground area opened up. I could see many people hiding in underground shelters and living in enormous fear of being killed. I saw many older people and some children and younger mothers. All huddled together, living in fear.

Our Lord lamented, “So many died unnecessarily! You know, I didn’t permit this war. I know many people still blame Me for it.”

Turning to me, He repeated, “I didn’t permit this war. It was all the evil-doing of one evil person. He wants to possess everything because he is greedy for things that do not belong to him. Brutally he is killing innocent people and little children.”

As we continued to walk, we could see fresh pools of blood on the ground everywhere around us. Stains of blood covered the earth, and in some places, it was seeping into the dirt, combining with it.

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, I want you to be here with Me so that you can console My Sacred Heart which grieves so much for what I can see here, and your suffering, that I permit, a part of this is to help the Holy Souls who die in this war.”

Please pray for the people here and ask everyone to pray. If they participate and listen to My plea, I can still stop this. The Russian leader has plans to invade surrounding countries too. He wants to be victorious. But prayer from all of you can stop this. Prayer is the most powerful weapon against all evil. Spread My message across and be courageous. I Am always with You to protect You.”

Thank You, My Lord Jesus, have mercy on the people of Ukraine.

He said, “Not many people pray for the people of Ukraine.”