6 July 2022

The Famine is Reaching a High Peak Now

While I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I was also meditating on the message our Lord Jesus gave me about the Universal Cross. In my prayers, I offered up all the people in the world, from East to West and from North to South, as our Lord requested of me; for all the non-believers and for the conversion of sinners who offend God very much.

Suddenly, our Lord appeared and said, “Over and over, I have been reminding you, and repeating to you, about My children in the world who are dying from starvation. That upsets Me so much. I want to tell you that the famine in the world is now reaching a high peak. It is the selfishness of humanity which turns a blind eye to this. They pretend not to know as they don’t want to know. Every minute, people are dying of starvation, especially little children. That should never happen, as there is enough food for everyone, and so many rich people in the world don’t want to know about the people in the poor countries and how they suffer.”

“The day of My Justice is nearer and nearer when I will put things in the right order, and I will defeat all the evil circulating the world.”

“When I do all this, these people who are now suffering will live in harmony and peace.”

“I want you to have faith and trust Me that this will happen soon.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Please bless all the starving people in the world, especially the little children.