21 March 2021

Tasting Food in the Supermarket without Permission

One day I was taken by an angel to a supermarket. We were walking through the supermarket, and the angel showed me the fruit section and how people taste test the fruits, even peeling mandarins and leaving the peel behind.

The angel said, “See, people touch and taste the fruit to see if it is right or not. Do not do that! When you die, you will come back and have to do penance and keep bringing back that which you stole. It belongs to the company. If you asked to taste, and they give permission, then you can taste, but without asking, that is stealing. In God’s Eyes, that is not good.”

The angel explained that it is not easy for souls to keep coming back to the supermarket; they cannot just walk in and return the stolen food. A considerable effort is required. I saw how they have to climb over what looked like a bench to get back to the supermarket and return the stolen food. They have to repeat this action repeatedly, which becomes extremely monotonous, and the soul gets fed up, but they have to continue.