21 March 2021

Why Do they Clap in My Church, giving Glory to one Another?


Today the Holy Mass was celebrated by Bishop Vincent and assisted by Father Peter, Father Robert and Father Chadi. At the end of the Mass, the Bishop installed Father Robert as the new Dean and Administrator of the Cathedral.


Prior to the Bishop proclaiming the appointment of the new Dean, a lady was given the task of presenting Father Robert to the Bishop. As she was doing so, our Lord said, “That should not be. They have a congregation of priests there, and they could have made the announcement. Why does the lady have to do that? I don’t agree with that.”


As soon as the lady finished the introduction and Bishop Vincent proclaimed Father Robert as Dean, our Lord said, “Valentina, watch now! Now they are going to start clapping, the whole church, which doesn’t please Me at all.”


As soon as our Lord said this, the whole church started clapping.


I smiled and said, “Lord, you were so right!”


He said, “Why do they have to clap? They give glory to one another, they don’t think of Me, that I like reverence and holiness in My Church.”