21 March 2021

World Weather Patterns will Change Drastically and Continuously

Our Lord said during Holy Mass, “See, My child, people are confused about the weather patterns around the world. Now, in Australia, you have a deluge of water. People do not understand why the weather patterns are changing so quickly. For a long time, I have been preparing for this and have been adjusting and changing the weather patterns. Nature is suffering throughout all of this because of the sins of mankind. People do not repent, no matter what I send them!”

Our Lord continued, “People need to wake up and see that something is there that they need to change, but they don’t. The weather will continue to change and will get worse. It is changeable, and this disturbs people. But still, they will not acknowledge this enough to come to Me and repent, to ask Me to be merciful to them. They don’t acknowledge Me at all! But the weather pattern will change drastically and continuously throughout the world until people realise that they have to change.”