22 May 2019

My Patience is Exhausted


During my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Today, My child I would like to teach you and to tell you about Myself.”


“In the old times, people loved Me, and everything they did, in their simple lives, they put their trust in God and they thanked Him. They lived a simple and humble life. They entrusted everything to Him, and they were very appreciative. They were very near to Me; it was like we were walking hand in hand, so united. Prayer was a priority in their lives, and they were very sincere and prayed from their heart. They were happy, and I was happy and joyful too.”


Jesus smiled as He was telling this.


“Then times changed and a new generation came. A new generation came in a new era with modern inventions which offered a better standard of life. So people went for it! They dropped everything. They neglected prayers, abandoned churches, all for material goods which were offered to them.”


Sadly, people started to distance themselves away from the True God and True Faith.  The more I tried to come closer to them, the more they rejected Me.  Today, they don’t want Me their God!  I tried very hard to come near every person and tell them how much I love them.

How much I love everyone on earth, but I Am pushed away. They build their own civilisation without God, and that is a danger.”


“Valentina, speak the Truth to people and tell them how much I care and love them. Console Me, for My Heart is offended by what I see in the world.”


Jesus then looked at me and said, “I Am patient, but My patience is exhausted.”


Our Lord Jesus was very sad. He showed me what looked like a square blanket of fresh green leaves, raked together. In the centre of these leaves, our Lord Jesus was standing. Then the wind came, scattered all the leaves everywhere, and our Lord remained by Himself.


Jesus said, “The leaves represent people when they were united together with One God and One Love.”


Jesus loves everyone. He wants to save everyone.