22 September 2023

Consecrate Everyone to My Immaculate Heart

Blessed Mother keeps coming to me in a vision, reminding me, “Nothing is more important than to Consecrate everyone to my safe refuge, to my Immaculate Heart every day.”

“Valentina, my child, there is not much time to waste. Now is the time to keep close to me and to offer to me everyone that you meet and encounter. There are great things that will envelop the world now, and you will not comprehend unless you are close to me. In that way, I will protect you and cover you with my Maternal Mantle.”

She was happy when she said to me, “But don’t be afraid, my children. There is so much to look forward to. You will be entering into the New Era of Peace. I cannot tell you the beauty that you will experience, that my Son is preparing for you.”

“Valentina, tell my children that they have to pray very hard and to have courage; it is their decision if they want to come (into the New Era of Peace). Tell them not to fear. They have to have courage and a strong faith in our Lord Jesus. He will help them.”

We thank you Blessed Mother for taking care of us, your children.

Blessed Mother wants us to consecrate all the people around us to her Immaculate Heart, as she said there is not much time to waste. We can do this by consecrating to her all the people we pass by and see — in shopping centres, on the road, in our workplaces, and elsewhere.


We can say this prayer:


“Blessed Mother, as I pass through this place,

and I meet many people along the way,

I consecrate myself and all of these people that pass me by

to your Immaculate Heart.

Please protect them and save them. Amen”