20 August 2023

Let Nothing Worry You Whatever Comes Your Way

In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Valentina, come with me. Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother would like to see you.”

I thought to myself, ‘What have I done? Maybe I have done something to offend them.’

All of a sudden, I find myself with the angel in Heaven. In front of me stood a single-level house, and the front door was wide open.

The angel said, “You go in, and I will wait for you.”

As I entered, Blessed Mother sat at the head of a very long table and seated, surrounding her were saintly women. Blessed Mother was talking to the women, and I could see the women were so joyous at being in Blessed Mother’s presence.

Blessed Mother turned to me and smiled, saying, “Valentina, come in. Come and join us.”

She pointed at a chair and said, “Sit down.”

Suddenly, a very tall saintly lady came, carrying a beautifully wrapped parcel, white with pinkish-coloured little flowers. She carried it up to Blessed Mother.

Blessed Mother then said to her, “Give it to Valentina.”

As the lady placed the parcel on the table in front of me, Blessed Mother said, “Well, Valentina, open it up! See what gift you received.”

I started to open the gift when I could see fringes hanging out, like on a beach towel.

I thought to myself, ‘This looks like a beach towel. What am I going to do with this?’

Then, Blessed Mother, knowing what I was thinking, stood up and said, “Valentina, it is not a beach towel.”

Then she took the gift and spread it on the table. It was quite long and wide, like a very large shawl. It was all white with beautiful gold trimming. The gold represents graces, and the white is purity.

She said, “This is the gift My Son wants you to have. He will wrap you and protect you.”

Then, Blessed Mother took the shawl and wrapped it around me.

I said, “Blessed Mother, I appreciate this. It is so beautiful. I don’t deserve this.”

Then, after Blessed Mother explained all this, another saintly lady came carrying another gift.

Blessed Mother said, “There is another gift my Son wants to give you.”

The lady brought the gift, wrapped in beautiful paper covered in tiny flowers, and placed it in front of me.

Blessed Mother said, “Open it up.”

As I unwrapped it, I could see a beautiful sponge cake. It was very tall and round.

Blessed Mother said, “This, you have to share among us.”

All of a sudden, a little boy appeared to my right, about eight to nine years old.

I asked Him, “Can you go and get a knife so that we can cut the cake?”

“No, I am not going to get a knife,” He immediately replied.

“You can break it with your hands,” He said.

I took the cake in my hands and started to break a piece. The texture was so soft, like a feather. I then began to break more pieces to share with the people at the table.

Everybody took a piece, and there was still so much left.

I said to Blessed Mother, “What am I going to do with the rest? There is still so much left.”

She said, “You have to share it with others.”

That represents sharing the Holy Word of God here on earth to nourish others.

Then Blessed Mother stood up and approached me, saying, “I have to talk to you.”

So I got up, and she took me outside the building into a garden. There was another little table with chairs. She sat down, and I stood near her. She looked so beautiful. I was so grateful to her.

I bowed down, made the Sign of the Cross, and said to her, “Blessed Mother, I love you, and I adore your Queenship and your Majesty, and I am so grateful for everything.”

The little boy Jesus was not there.

Then, Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, my daughter, come closer to me.”

I did as she asked.

As a loving Mother, she said, “Valentina, my daughter, let nothing worry you or disturb you, whatever will come your way, even the future, because you belong to us in Heaven.”

She repeated, “Remember you belong to us in Heaven.”

“Be strong and have courage.”

At first, I thought she was preparing me for what is coming to the world.

Why was all this given to me? Three days later, on Wednesday, my dear sister Angela died suddenly. They were preparing me for this as we were very close to each other our whole life. It was a very painful and difficult time.

The beautiful gift that Lord Jesus prepared for me, the shawl that Jesus gives me to wrap around me, was to give me strength. Gold is grace, and white is purity.

They knew what was coming my way, so they gave me this encouragement three days before.