22nd JULY, 2005

Very early in the morning. I was feeling very anxious when I awoke and started praying but could not find peace. I said to myself, “Well, Lord, I hand it all to You because You know everything. Please, help me!”

A few minutes later, a flash of light came over the room. Within the light, I saw an arched wooden door, similar to a Gothic design. Suddenly, the door opened. I could see Our Lord within a small room, seated on a chair all by Himself, clothed in His burgundy robes.

He smiled and said, “I was waiting for you to open this door and to come to Me. This is like you enter into My Sacred Heart. See, My child, so intimate a relationship we have. Just you and Me. Every pulse of your heart and Mine is beating with love. So much grace and intimate love comes from My Heart into yours. Tell all My children I am always waiting for each one to come to Me to accept them into My Sacred Heeart to help them and console them.”

Thankyou, Lord, that You graciously receive us in Your Sacred Heart. Have mercy on us.