10th JULY, 2005

This morning while praying, Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Peace be with you, My child, Shalom, Shalom,” and smiled, “Pray more for peace. People must pray for peace in this unstable world, full of malice, hate, corruption and killing. How sad it makes Me to see this world that is constantly shedding blood of innocent people. My teaching to you all is peace and love that I want from you people. But of course, so few pray for peace. Everyone is so worldly and greedy in a material welfare, just what they see in front of them, enjoyment, partying and entertainments to have a good time.”

“You know, My child, rich people invite the rich to their parties, they like to show off how good they are. Sometimes they even invite priests and bishops to show how they can see how nice and kind they are, but they never invite poor people, because poor people will stop their enjoyment for they don’t know how to conduct themselves in that type of company. They are afraid they will spoil their enjoyment. What hypocrites they are!”

“They talk amongst themselves and say to one another, ‘We are religious, we go to church’. These people like to be praised and first in everything. They are like the pharisees in the synagogue, well dressed, eating and drinking, thinking only of themselves. I tell you, one day, all this enjoyment and vanity will one day turn to sour and sadness.”

“My teaching is true word and My justice is unchanging unless these people change. I cannot accept falsehood and hypocrisy. Those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last. My teaching is always the same. Blessed are the poor in spirit, Blessed are the hungry, for they shall have everything. They will have a full banquet in My Kingdom and will sit at My table.”

“Valentina, teach the people My Holy Word that I give you. I Bless everyone who has a true and humble heart and I live in them.”
Our Lord then said, “Every person in the world has the right to live, even the poor, whom nobody likes.”

I looked up at Our Lord and said, “My Lord, I am one of them.”
At that moment, Our Lord smiled and came close to me and embraced me. He whispered, “You are very rich, My child, for we share the same pain. We are one.”

I kissed Our Lord on His cheek and thanked Him for all His goodness and teaching, but most of all I consoled Him. Then He said, “My pain is unbearable. It is like when woman is in constant period pain, which never ends. Console Me, My children. I, your Lord, love you so much.”

I cried to see Him in so much pain. Thankyou, Sweet Lord Jesus, for loving us so much. Our Lord was clothed in His deep burgundy coloured garment, with a short cape of the same colour about His shoulders. So sad is Our Lord for the world. He suffers so much.