22nd JUNE, 2005

This morning while praying to the Divine Mercy an Angel appeared.

He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. The Lord sent me to take you with me. I will show you some churches, you will see what is going on inside them.”

“There is no more worshipping God but a market place and business to make money. They tell people to bring goods in order to raise money. There is very little spiritual benefit from the priests to the people.”

When we entered into the churches (they were all Catholic) I saw them full of objects, like potted trees and plants, banners and furniture, very messy. I could hardly discern the Holy Tabernacle as it was obscured from my view. People were buying and selling, talking in full voice. I noticed to one side, ladies were counting money and placing it in a bag, laughing while they were doing so. The Angel said to me, “Kneel down and ask in adoration to Our Lord to be merciful to them for all these wrong doings.”

I kneeled down, crying for what I had seen and experienced, then I heard a voice. It was Our Lord Jesus. He said, “My daughter, write down what you see and experience. This is reality what is happening and offends Me terribly in My Holy places which are no longer a house of prayer but a business and market. How to make money and feed greed. The devil really lives in My churches.”

“Valentina, My daughter, you carry My cross and you suffer with Me. Give warning to Bishops and Priests and tell them that I, the Lord, am not happy with what is going on in My Holy places. There will soon, be the time to account for all this wrong doing.”

“The people should be taught more holy words and spirituality which will benefit their souls when they reach eternity. Tell them that My Sacred Heart is grieving deeply. I can no longer watch these sacrilegious places.”

“Valentina, My child, don’t be afraid to speak My true holy word that I tell you. Even if they condemn you they cannot harm you. I am always with you to protect you.

All this that I saw in the churches is figuratively indicating how Our Lord sees it. All spiritual things are obscured by material things, preventing the people approaching Our Lord in prayer and confession. Churches are for spiritual benefit, not for money raising activities.