9th June, 2005

After Holy Communion and before the last blessing, I saw a vision above our priest while he was still standing at the Altar.

The Holy Spirit appeared above him in a pulsating brilliant white light, in the form of a dove. All around Him were beams of brilliant colours, as in the bright colours of an opal, shooting out in all directions.

I was filled with a wonderful feeling of happiness at this sight, and said, “Thankyou, Lord God, I cannot express my gratitude for all Your goodness and kindness You have given us.”

Our Lord answered, “You see, My child, the suffering you had for the past week bore good fruit for many souls and also you have consoled Me greatly.”

“Today you are worthy to receive a special blessing. I have shared My blessing for all My children. It was meant for you to be here today, and I was preparing you to come here today.” (I had intended to go elsewhere today).