9th June, 2005

While praying the Angelus this morning, Holy Lord Jesus spoke, “Valentina, My child, tell the people of this nation that I am willing to lay down My crown for their needs, if they will turn to Me and acknowledge that I am their Father and Creator. If they would only turn to Me and plead and put aside their pride ‘for the time being’. I am willing to listen to My fellow man, but of course they blame the environment and scientific problems as the cause of these disasters of yours, the drought and shortage of water. I wait and wait patiently and permit these punishments to fall on all humanity.”

“My Sacred Heart is deeply wounded by their pride and sinful deeds, which continuously offend Me. I am saying to My people in Heaven, ‘How long will it take them to wake up and see the truth and turn to their Father and beg Him for forgiveness and mercy for their evil doings.’

“The only consolation I receive is from My little remnant of faithful children who love Me very much. Even then when these speak the truth, they are ridiculed by others.”

“Valentina, tell the world that history repeats itself. It is now like the time of Moses, when people committed sinful pleasures collectively and they were scattered everywhere when Almighty God permitted punishment for their sin and made them wander in the desert for forty years, to make them reflect on their evil deeds.”

“So it is today, as in the time of Moses. Speak to them of the truth and defend My Holy Word. Tell My children I am always amongst you, to protect you.” As He said this, He moved His hands in an arc, making a light silvery aura around each of His faithful children as protective armour against evil. He said, “Pray to My Sacred Heart and console Me, for the world constantly grieves Me deeply.”

Thankyou, Sweet Jesus, Have mercy through Your Sacred Heart for all humanity.