4th JULY, 2005

While praying the Angelus, I had a vision of our Blessed Mother with the beautiful Baby Jesus.

She spoke to me, saying, “My child, you can tell My children in the world that I am still weeping very much for all. I weep for the children who are lost and going astray. The evil one is leading them. How sad I am for this humanity which rejects and denies God as if He does not exist. Deeper and deeper they are falling into darkness with no hope of a way out.”

At that moment, Holy Mary, extended Her arm, moving Her hand in an arc. A vision came to me of many hearts appearing to be made of stone. She said, “God tried to penetrate through these hearts, but they are so hard, like rock and icy cold.”

“My daughter, you can announce that the warning God will send will be of conscience. I know that you have already spoken of this before in previous messages but Heaven has now decided to give the warning to the world to purify the world. It is ever so close.”

At that moment, Holy Mother showed me a vision of the world during the warning. Everything was serene and peaceful, as if the world stood still. I saw a street. Along the side of the street were steel posts, many metres tall. A pure white sheet of fabric, very sheer was hanging over the posts, moving gently in a breeze.

Holy Mary said, “This will be a sign that God is coming to purify the world of sin.”

Also along the road, I saw cars standing still. People, doubled up, were crawling out of the cars. They were experiencing the purification.
Mary then told me, “While people are experiencing the purification, you will not be in it. You will be taken away for the length of time it takes and then be placed back.”

“Tell people to prepare themselves for this event by remaining in a state of grace through frequent confession and attending Holy Mass.”

At that moment, She placed Her Holy Child in my arms to nurse Him and She asked, “My daughter, why does humanity refuse My Son and offend Him so much when He loves them so dearly?”

While I was holding Him, I felt so much love and happiness flowing from Him to me. He smiled and laughed. Holy Mary told me that people will experience severe pain because they refuse to accept Him and offer Him the love which is His due. Thankyou, Blessed Mother and Holy Baby Jesus. Have mercy on us because we don’t love You enough.