23 April 2017

Feast of Divine Mercy

This morning I had a vision of the most unusual scenery. I saw our Lord Jesus standing up high. From Him I saw what appeared to be like a river of fire, streaming down towards Earth. A little to His left side, I saw a most beautiful Cross. On His right side, just a little bit further down, I saw angels and saints praising the Lord. These are the highest order of angels, the Seraphim, who are guardians before God’s Throne. There were about seven of them. They were all very tall and beautiful.

Then our Lord said, “See, My child, today My Mercy is open. I pour down My Mercy abundantly on Earth, and it is flowing like a river, for those who wish to receive It. How sad I Am for those who refuse My Mercy and My Love.”

He said, “Love Me for others. Pray for them. Offer Me all that is in your power. You can do that and immerse them in My Merciful Love. I will accept from you, like a bouquet of fresh flowers, and you will console Me greatly. I bless you and I love you.”

Thank You sweet Jesus.